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  1. Is E Cigarettes Safe?

​There are no major risks associated with vaping that are known at this time,But their are many benefits.There is absolutely no tobacco in them.They are battery operated and does not emit toxic smoke,ashes and odour.Please view our industry news page.

  1. What is Pg?

​Propylene glycol is an organic compound,viscous liquid with a faintly sweet taste.Propylene glycol used in Eliquids is 100 % safe and is regarded as food grade Glycol.Pg is a much thinner liquid and is responsible for simulating the "THROAT HIT ".

  1. What is Vg?

​Vegetable Glycerol is thick sweet liquid which accompanies pg and is responsible for the thick cloud of vapour you experience when smoking.

  1. What is an Atomiser/Clearomisers?

​Atomisers are the devices that screw onto the battery and are responsible for holding your e liquid and also houses the coil that heats the eliquid to create vapour.

  1. What is released if an e Cigarettes do not contain Smoke?

​E cigarettes produce vapour created by the coil heating the VG and PG.

  1. How do I know when to charge my battery?

​The amount of vapour will generally decrease in comparison to vapour generally produced on a full battery.If your battery has a battery meter you will be well aware of the battery level.Your battery might also have a trigger button that will flash continuously if your battery power has been depleted.

  1. How do I know if my charger is working?

When you battery is charging you will notice a red light emitting from your charger.When the light turns green your battery is now fully charged and ready to be used.

  1. What is the legal implications?

There are no other legal implications in South Africa except that you need to be at least18 years of age to smoke/Vape.

  1. What chemicals are used in E liquids we sell?

There are no chemicals used in E Liquids sold by us.

  1. Can I buy Eliquids in Different Flavours?

Yes you can.Visit Our Eliquids page and have a look at your favourites..

  1. How do I fill Eliquids?

Eliquids are filled differently in the many different types of atomisers in the market.Please ensure that Eliquid is not fiiled directly into the Coil.