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Now coming to the pods, there’s something I need to point out straight away. The mouth piece on the pods are amazing. Again, similar to the Pebble, it utilizes the round shape of your lips with a perfect fit. And not only that, it gets a bit bigger towards the middle to make it more comfortable to use. At the bottom of the pod is a little sticker that needs to be removed. It prevents the pod from leaking while traveling.


Short little flavor profiles:


The tobacco is a sweet, rich tobacco that tastes very nice.
The menthol actually tastes like a Wrigley’s Spearmint chewing gum, not sweet though.
The full fruit flavor doesn’t really give me a “full fruit” feeling, but it’s still a nice, fruity option in case you’re not a menthol or tobacco fan.
The pods have a capacity of 1.8 mL which is almost triple the amount that is used in the JUUL. With a nicotine strength of 50 mg the pods should last for about two days. SMPO is stating on their site that an 18-mg pod is approximately equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes or 400 puffs. Each pack of pods contains two cartridges.

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