Tesiyi 3000 mah 45 amp 3.7 v 18650 battery

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Tesiyi 18650 rechargeable battery 3000mah 45 A

  • Model: 18650 battery 3000mAh 45A
  • Capacity: 3000mAh
  • MAX Discharge Current: 45A
  • CDR (Continuous Discharge Current): 30A
  • Voltage: 3.7v
  • Material: Li-ion
  • Length: 65.30mm
  • Diameter: 18.20mm
  • Top: Flat top(18mm 65mm)
  • Application: E-cigarettes mod, Flashlight ect.
  • Can be charged over 500 times
  • 40 amp max discharging current

Anti counterfeiting label present on battery.Scratch to reveal security code.

Go here to enter your scratch code and verify authenticity :http://www.tesiyi.com/

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